Project Cost Project Status
Vitro Ph 2 $2,084,008 Completed
Notrees-Younicos Wind Farm HVAC Renovations $628,166 Completed
Goodyear T1XX MP1 $5,862,541 Completed
Goodyear Large Press Trench #11 Add $1,753,681 Completed


Project Cost Project Status
Apache Casino PH2 $1,292,735 Completed
Apache Casino North Addition $638,541 Completed


Project Cost Project Status
Wichita Falls Airport New Terminal Addition $1,973,288 Completed


Project Cost Project Status
West Texas College Additions $3,925,743 Completed
Tioga High School $2,365,846 Completed
Burk ISD 3-4-5 School $1,517,436 Completed
Rankin ISD Phase 2 New high School & Auditorium $2,385,256 Completed
Ardmore Health, Science & Math $2,480,898 Completed
Renovations to Kirby World Acadamy $2,736,373 Completed
MSU Mass Communications $901,558 Completed
MSU Student Housing $4,866,773 Completed
Riverside Indian School New Boys & Girls Dorm $5,737,996 Completed
IPISD Athletic Complex-High School Addition $435,289 Completed


Project Cost Project Status
Andrews PRMC PH3 $7,702,835 Completed
Freestanding ER Now $446,214 Completed
URHCS ER Renovations $3,938,390 Completed
Rankin County Hospital & Wellness Center $3,510,710 Completed
Electra Memorial Hospital ER Addition $449,578 Completed
Andrews Permian Regional Medical Center $3,378,585 Completed
Lawton Surgery Center at SW Medical Center $843,115 Completed
Barnett Road Clinic URHCS $299,955 Completed


Project Cost Project Status
Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma
Department of the Army
Same Day Surgery RACH $1,085,795 Completed
Urgent Care RACH $938,442 Completed
Bldg 1962-1963-1964 Ice House $1,842,301 Completed
2015 MWR Repairs $285,463 Completed
Womans Imaging RACH $208,702 Completed
Department of the Air Force
Altus Air Force Base, Altus, OK
FY15 Mechanical-Fire Suppression $3,089,471 In Progress
Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, TX
Replace Chillers Bldg 1951 $1,490,000 In Progress
AFLOS Bldg 1923 $1,891,951 In Progress
Bldg 280 Mechanical Systems $2,260,572 In Progress
Repair Dorm BLdg 776 $6,377,530 In Progress
Medical Dental Clinic Replacement $12,941,577 In Progress
Altus Air Force Base, Altus, OK
Bldg 307 HVAC, Plumbing Renovations $1,496,110 In Progress
FY19 KC46A FTU Flight Training Center Simulator $2,305,233 In Progress
Bldg 89 HVAC $1,610,251 In Progress
KC46A FTU Simulator PH2 $2,358,953 In Progress
Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma
Department of the Army
Repair Bldg 851 $1,965,538 In Progress
RACH Bleak Troop Medical $1,660,220 In Progress
Exchange PXTRA $1,458,378 In Progress
Repair Bldg 3426-3427-3428 $4,296,200 In Progress
Upgrade Officers Quarters Bldg 850 $2,791,144 In Progress
Training Support Center $1,686,862 In Progress
Goodfellow Air Force Base
Department of the Air Force
GFAFB Bldg 525 Renovations $2,968,545 Completed
Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, TX
Bldg 596 Dormitory $6,751,575 Completed
Bldg 632 & 633 $1,966,818 Completed
Bldg 776 Dormitory $1,356,213 Completed
HVAC Controls Critical Comm & Dining Hall $1,990,281 Completed
Altus Air Force Base, Altus, OK
Department of the Air Force
Bldg 87 & 193 $1,727,405 Completed
Building 2428 Install Chiller $119,965.00 Completed
Building 333 Repair & Renovation $2,084,789 Completed
Buildings 435, 517 & 156 $722,988 Completed


Project Cost Project Status
Wichita County Law Enforcement Center $9,524,026 In Progress
Ozona Jail-Crokett County $2,365,846 Completed
Wichita County Court House, Wichita Falls, TX
2nd Floor Renovations $465,000.00 Completed