Project Cost Project Status
Notrees-Younicos Wind Farm HVAC Renovations $628,166.00 In Progress
Goodyear T1XX MP1 $4,366,431.00 In Progress
Goodyear Large Press Trench #11 Add $1,659,200.00 In Progress


Project Cost Project Status
Wichita Falls Airport New Terminal Addition $1,973,288.00 Completed


Project Cost Project Status
Snyder Western Texas College $3,801,290.00 In Progress
Rankin ISD Phase 2 New high School & Auditorium $2,350,920.00 In Progress
Ardmore Health, Science & Math $2,480,898.00 In Progress
Renovations to Kirby World Acadamy $2,749,144.00 In Progress
MSU Mass Communications $901,558.00 In Progress
MSU Student Housing $4,879,075.00 In Progress
Duncan High School Renovations & Additions $2,329,387.00 Completed
Riverside Indian School New Boys & Girls Dorm $5,737,996.00 Completed
IPISD Athletic Complex-High School Addition $435,289.00 Completed


Project Cost Project Status
Andrews PRMC PH3 $7,702,835.00 Completed
Freestanding ER Now $446,214.00 In Progress
URHCS ER Renovations $3,774,478.00 In Progress
Rankin County Hospital & Wellness Center $3,300,000.00 Completed
Electra Memorial Hospital ER Addition $449,578.00 Completed
Andrews Permian Regional Medical Center $3,378,585.00 Completed
Lawton Surgery Center at SW Medical Center $843,115.00 Completed
Barnett Road Clinic URHCS $299,955.00 Completed


Project Cost Project Status
Altus Air Force Base, Altus, OK
FY15 Mechanical-Fire Suppression $3,089,471.00 In Progress
Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma
Women’s Imaging RACH $208,702.00 In Progress
2015 MWR Facility Repairs $285,463.00 In Progress
Bldg 1962-1963-1964 Ice House $1,842,301.00 In Progress
Urgent Care RACH $938,442.00 In Progress
Same Day Surgery RACH $1,085,795.00 In Progress
Department of the Air Force
Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, TX
Bldg 586 Dormitory $6,619,372.00 In Progress
Bldg 634-690 Laundry Renovation $484,458.00 Completed
Bldg 632 & 633 $1,966,818.00 Completed
Bldg 776 Dormitory $1,356,213.00 Completed
Heat Recovery Chillers $358,401.00 Completed
HVAC Controls Critical Comm & Dining Hall $1,990,281.00 Completed
FY11 Dormitories $2,761,466.00 Completed
Altus Air Force Base, Altus, OK
Bldg 87 & 193 $1,727,405.00 In Progress
Building 2428 Install Chiller $119,965.00 Completed
Fuel Lab $78,250.00 Completed
Building 333 Repair & Renovation $2,084,789.00 Completed
Buildings 435, 517 & 156 $722,988.00 Completed


Project Cost Project Status
Wichita County Court House, Wichita Falls, TX
2nd Floor Renovations $465,000.00 Completed